Room Divider Curtains vs. Interior Wall: Which Is Right For You?

In our Blackout Curtains blogs, we frequently discuss and provide solutions for companies looking to add privacy curtains, room dividers, or blackout solutions to their space. Structural changes or adding interior walls to any space can be costly, and if your needs ever change, it leaves your options minimal.

There are many reasons why different applications cannot or do not allow interior walls to be put up, one of the primary reasons being fire code hazards. Commercial blackout curtains are beneficial for many reasons, but our guarantee of fire-resistant curtains is why companies can feel confident in their decision to purchase commercial blackout curtains with us.

Why Invest In Wall or Ceiling-Mounted Blackout Curtain Tracks?

Many of the industries we serve at Blackout Curtains involve applications where patient privacy is an important aspect of their business. Industries like clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms, and other medical offices where providing room privacy and division is critical, but it is not beneficial to install an interior wall.

Our Interloc Curtain Panels from CustomCube, a sister company of Blackout Curtains and American Track Supply, offer a wide range of ceiling-mounted curtains that are easy to install and a fraction of the cost of other interior wall solutions.

CustomCube provides you with over 40 years of expertise in delivering custom cubicle curtain systems for hospitals, nursing homes, and medical facilities with exceptional quality at competitive prices. We can help provide privacy and comfort with custom curtains, custom tracks, hardware, and even installation – all to your exact specifications.

Our curtains are made from high-quality antimicrobial fabrics that exceed industry standards and can be fitted with an interlock snap system for high-traffic areas for easier laundering or antimicrobial pullstrips for an added level of safety.

Would Your Industry Benefit From Blackout Curtains?

The appeal of building an interior wall is to create added privacy and/or light-control solutions, both of which are problems Blackout Curtains can solve.

Our custom-made blackout curtains offer room-dividing solutions for not only hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, hotels, motels, restaurants, and labs. We are also constantly working with countless photo and film studios, flight simulators, and so many other projects that needed a quick, flexible, and great-looking solution to split their space and control their light.

Our key product features:

  • Light-controlling or 100% blackout. Our curtains have the flexibility to provide light-filtering or complete blackout solutions depending on your needs. Regardless of room or window size, our blackout curtains give your space complete blackout protection so you can offer light-filtering or room-darkening amenities within your business.
  • Affordable privacy features. We understand that patient privacy is essential in healthcare, hospitality, and other industries. That’s why we offer affordable, modifiable, and dependable privacy curtains. Our high-quality privacy curtains and room dividers offer the privacy solutions you need for numerous settings.
  • Versatile and can be moved. Our curtains put you in complete control of the light and privacy needs within your space. Our products can also be easily altered to fit your specific space and can be moved based on your changing needs.
  • Fire-resistant. Our blackout and privacy curtains are fire retardant and pass the NFPA 701 test, one of the most rigid tests in the fabric industry. Safety and prevention are top priorities when dealing with electricity, cords, machinery, and plug-ins. With our fabrics, high-traffic powered areas are no longer a risk for heat/fire hazards.
  • Available in bulk ordering. Our blackout curtains are available for bulk ordering, making them an easy ordering option for hotels, hospitals, clinics, restaurants, nursing homes, labs, and more.

The Blackout Curtains Difference

Our blackout curtains are made from the highest quality, flame-retardant materials to eliminate light and/or add privacy. Our smooth gliding tracks provided by American Track Supply make ordering, installing, and loving your Blackout Curtains that much easier. With a variety of color combinations to choose from, including white blackout curtains, you can customize the perfect solution to your lighting or privacy needs.

We expertly craft light-blocking and privacy solutions for commercial spaces such as:

If you’re ready to transform your commercial space, we’re here to help. Request a free quote today, or start building your custom order online.