Privacy and Blackout Curtains for Medical Industries

Privacy, light-controlling, or complete blackout solutions – these are all critical when it comes to the medical industry and providing patients with the best care possible. At Blackout Curtains, we understand your need for top-of-the-line light-controlling and privacy solutions for your patient settings.

We’ve served them all: from hospitals, emergency rooms, and clinics to university medical facilities, nursing schools, research facilities, and laboratories. Our custom light-controlling or 100% blackout curtains offer high-end drapery features and convenient privacy solutions to fit your needs.

Benefits of Blackout Curtains and Room Dividers

All of our privacy and blackout curtains come with the same Blackout Curtains promise:

  • Light-controlling or 100% blackout. Our curtains have the flexibility to provide light-filtering or complete blackout solutions depending on your needs. Whether it’s total light elimination for your x-ray and ultrasound rooms or lighting-adjusted areas for patients and clinicians, you can rely on us for superior room-darkening amenities.
  • Affordable privacy features. We understand that patient privacy is essential in healthcare. That’s why we offer affordable, modifiable, and dependable privacy curtains. Our high-quality privacy curtains and room dividers offer the privacy solutions you need for numerous healthcare and medical settings.
  • Versatile and can be moved. Our curtains put you in complete control of the light and privacy needs within your space. Our products can also be easily altered to fit your specific space and can be moved based on your changing needs.
  • Fire-resistant. Our blackout and privacy curtains are fire retardant and pass the NFPA 701 test, one of the most rigid tests in the fabric industry. Safety and prevention are top priorities when dealing with electricity, cords, machinery, and plug-ins. With our fabrics, high-traffic powered areas are no longer a risk for heat/fire hazards.
  • Available in bulk ordering. Our blackout curtains are available for bulk ordering, making them an easy ordering option for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and more.

CustomCube Interloc Curtain Panels

CustomCube provides you with over 40 years of expertise in delivering custom cubicle curtain systems for hospitals, clinics, universities, and medical facilities with exceptional quality at competitive prices. Our products make purchasing, installing, modifying, and removing your custom drapery systems as simple as possible. We help provide privacy and comfort with our durable curtains, tracks, and hardware – all customized to your precise specifications.

Our curtains are made from high-quality antimicrobial fabrics that exceed industry standards. Our curtain tracks can be fitted with an interlock snap system for high-traffic areas for easier laundering or antimicrobial pull strips for an added level of safety.

Can’t decide on fabrics? You can request a sample! Our sample kits include sample blackout curtains, a sample track piece from American Track Supply, and hardware.

Prime Medicine Cubicle Curtains for Patient Privacy and Room Separation

Prime Medicine is an outstanding company transforming the lives of its patients through the application of its next-generation gene editing platform and technology. They use Prime Editing and believe they can address the genetic cause of disease and provide patients with long-lasting cures. Prime Editing searches to find the precise place in the genome to edit and replaces the segment of faulty DNA with a correct copy of DNA.

Prime needed a commercial-grade blackout curtain to eliminate light from different areas within their medical rooms. Cubicle Curtains and our sister company CustomCube in particular, played an essential role in achieving their desired results. Nowadays, hospitals and clinics have labs onsite and need to keep them free of contaminants of all kinds, including light. Curtain systems from Blackout Curtains are perfect for onsite laboratories at hospitals and clinics. Prime Medicine had a similar situation, and we were able to help them in a timely fashion.

Our drapery solutions for patient privacy and room separation in hospitals and clinics, along with our 100% blackout and light-filtering features, are industry-leading and exceed the highest industry standards. Combined with our superior customer service, exceptional delivery methods, and affordable, quality products, we continue to lead the industry and provide you with the best custom solutions to fit your needs.


About Blackout Curtains

Our parent company, American Drapery Systems, Inc. has over 45 years of experience in commercial drapery solutions. That’s why we continue to lead the industry with our commercial window coverings, draperies, cubicle curtains, curtain tracks, and hardware.

We have the expertise to master any project! Client trust is a top priority, and we’ve been fortunate enough to gain the confidence of many businesses. We have an extensive track record working with some of the biggest companies in the industry (names like 3M, CDC, Sandia National Laboratories, Allen Institute for Brain Science, Johns Hopkins University, and many more).

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