How To Hang Commercial Blackout Curtains Like A Professional

Our commercial blackout curtains provide functionality and style in any space while eliminating unwanted lighting issues and elevating the look and feel of the room. Most people think you need professional installation to ensure your curtains are hung properly. With the sturdy and reliable curtain hardware provided by American Track Supply, hanging your commercial blackout curtains is not only effortless, it’s time-saving and easily modified so you can extend the life of your curtains.

Specialty Track Types for Your Blackout Curtains

Your custom blackout curtains and their track systems are made-to-order with exact specifications for your commercial application. American Track Supply manufactures industry-grade commercial window coverings, draperies, cubical and straight curtain tracks, and hardware. Choose between wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted curtain tracks and aluminum or flexible curtain tracks. Whatever your needs, you’ll find well-built and functional methods for hanging and utilizing your curtains.

  • Aluminum – The Aluminum track we provide is extruded aluminum and can be straight or curved. Curves are available in 45 and 90-degree sections. The carriers are doubled-wheeled and will not bind up when pulled around corners. Aluminum tracks are available in three colors: standard aluminum, black, or white.
  • Flexible – Flexible track is integrated with a commercial-grade steel core. Perfect for odd radius needs, multiple bends, or when you have a long length but do not want to use a splice. Flexible tracks are available in the color white.

If you don’t need a custom-order track system, we’ve still got you covered! Our track kits are made standard and ready to order. Simply order, unbox, and install. Shop our quick and easy track kits and install your curtains like a pro in a matter of days.

Measuring and Installing Your Curtain Track System

Before you install your commercial blackout curtains, it’s crucial to determine the type of treatment installations you will need for your space by taking exact measurements. We offer detailed instructions on how you can accurately measure your custom tracks.


  1. Have you determined what style you will need? (see above graphic)
  2. Will you mount the treatment INSIDE or OUTSIDE the window casing?
  3. Which system will function best within your space: ceiling or wall mounted?
  4. Do you need additional hardware or parts to further modify your system?


We’ve made sure that installing your blackout curtains is as straightforward as possible. With step-by-step directions and real-life examples, it’s like having a professional on-site to walk you through the installation process. No matter the type of track system or the method of installation, there are videos and tutorials to guide you from start to finish.

Need to alter or remove your curtains and tracks? No problem. Our track systems are easily adjustable and moveable to suit your changing needs. The process is simple and leaves minimal wear – just follow the installation steps in reverse order to remove. Depending on the ceiling or wall mount, you will be left with holes where your tracks once were.


Our curtain track systems are the easiest and most efficient way to hang your commercial blackout curtains on your own, but we are still here to assist you with any measurement or installation needs.

Our customer service representatives are available to help troubleshoot issues or answer any questions throughout the process. Our customer service chat line is available online 24/7 on and


When ordering your custom curtains and tracks, every part you need is included. Your tracks will come ready to install directly in either commercial drop ceilings or wall mounting. The track systems are pre-drilled with all necessary hardware included; carriers, ceiling brackets, end stops, splices, and wall brackets, to ensure a seamless installation.

We don’t sacrifice quality for efficiency – we use the same tracks you find in medical facilities because everyone deserves safe and durable solutions for their commercial curtains.

When it comes to the appearance and functionality of your commercial blackout curtains, the track systems are an essential component of each order. American Drapery Systems brands have spent 45 years putting in the work to guarantee our customers quick, uncomplicated, and self-sufficient installation.

With over 25+ years of successful installations by our customers, we will continue to provide high-quality and reliable products and services so you can save time and money by skipping the need for labor.

Not sure which track system will work best for your needs? We’ll help you! American Track Supply will ship you a sample of our aluminum or flexible tracks, plus you’ll get a few carriers to see how it all works together.

The Blackout Curtains Difference

Our blackout curtains are made from the highest quality, flame-retardant materials to eliminate light and/or add privacy. Our smooth gliding tracks provided by American Track Supply make ordering, installing, and loving your Blackout Curtains that much easier. With a variety of color combinations to choose from, including white blackout curtains, you can customize the perfect solution to your lighting or privacy needs.

We expertly craft light-blocking and privacy solutions for commercial spaces such as:

and more to transform your space and make it suitable to your needs. If you’re ready to transform your commercial space, we’re here to help. Request a free quote today or start building your custom order online.


Textron Black/Black:

This beautiful fabric generates complete blackout conditions and has a nice weight and drape; 100% Polyester.

Robyn Black/White:

For outer-facing windows where heat gain is an issue, flip the curtain around when you want a second color option; 70% Polyester / 30% Cotton.

Robyn White/White:

In applications where black will not work, this is the best white option on the market; 70% Polyester/30% Cotton

Staphcheck Black/Black:

Our performance fabric is made of industrial vinyl fabric. Staphcheck is not only blackout, it is stain and odor resistant and has built-in antimicrobial fabric protection.


Our Commitment to Excellence

Blackout Curtains has specialized in complete blackout solutions for over 45 years. Through our combined decades of experience, we’ve perfected our craft and can confidently offer you the best product in the market.

Our experts are committed to providing high-quality products, unique customization, the fastest shipping, and incredible customer service. Our customer service team is available by email, phone, or the online quick-service chatbot.