How to Measure

How to Measure Restaurant, Hospital, Medical Curtains and Much More The Right Way

Room Divider Mount

When measuring for privacy room dividers, measure the length of the track. If the track has a bend, measure each section of track from the end of the track to the bend, from the bend to the next bend, and so on until you reach the other end of the track. Measure the sections as if the bends were squared off, do not measure around the radius of the bends. Add all measurements together to get the total length of track.

  • If the track does not currently exist, measure where the track will be mounted to determine overall track length.
  • To determine the curtain length measure from the top of the ceiling to the floor. This becomes your curtain length. (Our track comes down 2″. If you don’t need 100% blackout. Select “kiss the floor” will make the necessary adjustments.)
  • Curtain measurements are always in inches and presented width first, length second. Such as: 1 curtain 215 x 79